Changing the World's Barriers with Global Products

Our mission is to address various global challenges through AI products.

About us

Wrexiv is a company that was founded in October 2022 and is engaged in the development and operation of AI cloud services. Our primary focus is on the development and operation of global products leveraging AI technology.


AI for International Expansion Support

We automatically translate and summarize dynamic, up-to-date information such as local needs, regulations and laws, competition and precedents, industry key figures, and exhibitions overseas. Furthermore, we generate an action plan for international expansion to maximize success rate and speed.

Capture Regulatory and Legal Trends Quickly to Minimize Business Risks

To Continuously Monitor Local Needs Changes and Accelerate Localization

Gather Prospective Business Partners and Local Key Personnel to Facilitate Market Expansion

How we work

We aim to break free from conventional global norms and disrupt existing concepts

We prioritize sensibility and virtues over logic and use what we believe to be right as our decision-making criterion

We aim to develop services that are loved globally and pursue significant impact

We respect our customers and colleagues, and we will never betray their trust. We are committed to being sincere

We act now. We prioritize swift action and place importance on getting things moving within one minute

Wrexiv Inc.


1-48-3 Nishinippori, 

Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan